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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us assume you have a house that is nearing completion, all material is on site. Then you say “Oh I need a few changes here in the design and want to replace the material and color here or there.” Imagine the situation and you say “had I known how it would look before it would be better”. This is where we fit in. We can show each and every detail of the house before it is going to be built.  

Every color, every design and every material, all to how it would look in the actual building after it is built.

We need the floor plans, elevations, id drawings in pdf, cad is preferable.

We can get back with a low resolution image in 3-5 days depending on the project size. Then your approval can provide a high resolution image in another 2 days.

Our rates are very competitive compared to the quality of work we give. Please send your details and drawings on the link below to get a detailed quote

Please see link below to know the work cycle