The Seven Exclusive Architectural Drafting and Design in Coachella 2022

The Seven Exclusive Architectural Drafting & Design in Coachella 2022 - SampSurad Group

Modern architectural drafting and design for the US 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will transform the California desert. The inaugural festival is an eclectic blend of art installations, performance spaces, public commons, and an interactive museum exhibit.

The iconic art and architecture of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival have continued to grow since being founded in 1999. Initiated by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen, the two brought a new form of a cultural phenomenon to the valley – a Coachella carnival that grew to become a mainstream American music festival. The fiesta has brought in renowned artists from all over the world. Coachella has always been a cynosure for artistic thinkers.

Now, the massive Californian event returned after a two-year Covid-19 pandemic hiatus. The Coachella occasion took place from 14th April to 24th April. It was featured with a collection of wide-ranging installations by 11 different international design companies from Europe, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Let’s look at the seven exclusive architectural drafting and design in the US that went into making this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival a truly memorable experience for festivalgoers.

The Playground by Architensions

The Playground by Architensions of Architectural Drafting & Design by SampSurad Group

Architensions, a Rome and New York-based architectural drafting and design in US and research company, produced an elongated structure with four steel-framed towers connected by bridges, based on colour theory. The installation featured a technological film montage of arches and cubes with gaudy colors and dichroic film. The height of each tower varied between 42 and 56 feet.

The module grid framework was created to bridge the gap between architecture and human interaction. The architectural design also includes cultural allusions to traditional recreational buildings such as piazzas, arcades, parks, and theatres.

Each tower’s design represented a natural urban scene with a succession of geometric forms and gorgeous magenta, cyan, and yellow technological film. The Playground provides a whimsical opportunity to interact with a leisure place without the need for technology by just interacting with the environment and its materiality.

Mutts by Oana Stănescu

Mutts by Oana Stănescu - SampSurad Group, an expert in Architectural Drafting & Design in US

Dogs, the most devoted friends of mankind, teach us all how to love unconditionally. Oana Stănescu, a Romanian architect residing in New York, made massive recyclable canine sculptures. Each artwork was piled with plants and positioned in a certain way to engage people in conversation.

Individuals may touch the stretching dog’s snout, walk underneath the pointer, and lay on the settling dog’s paws. Steel frames were designed to make magnificent silhouettes filled with a variety of vibrant plants such as lantana (red, yellow, purple), cassia, fountain grass, yellow bell, and jasmine.

The gestures and shapes of these dog sculptures enabled their expressions to speak for themselves.

Buoyed by Kiki van Eijk

Buoyed by Kiki van Eijk - SampSurad Group, an architectural drafting and design in US

Buoyed was developed with high confidence for the future by the Eindhoven, Netherlands–based designer. Three colossal buoys, each about four floors tall and oriented as if floating in a sea of grass, create a surreal and pleasing space where everyone belongs, regardless of their differences. Each buoy has cultural allusions that emphasize the value of diversity and acceptance. ”

The off-white buoy was designed to spread the radiance at night. The blue buoy was an amalgamation of a patchwork ceiling on a Dutch-style windmill and a framework of the igloo. Moreover, a soft stucco rim for hassle-free orchestra was created with a 24-foot diameter base by a green buoy. These architectural drafting and designs left a wonderful impression on visitors.

Cocoon (BKF + H300) by Martín Huberman

Cocoon (BKF + H300) by Martín Huberman - SampSurad Group

Huberman, an architect based in Argentina, has reclaimed the story, labeled his piece Cocoon (BKF+H300), and created a nine-story sculpture that uses the 300 replicas to complete a structural irony of the chair’s mythological origin. The breathtaking BKF is known as the ‘butterfly chair.’

Three architects, Juan Kurchan, Antonio Bonet, and Jorge Ferrari, designed the original structure in 1940. The stunning architecture, which includes a smooth “skin” made of window shade-type material, runs shadow during the day and illumination at night to festival-goers.

Huberman combines his experimental architectural drafting and design in the US to transform everyday objects such as clothespins into site-specific public art.

Circular Dimensions x Microscape by Cristopher Cichocki - SampSurad Group, an architectural drafting & design in USA

Cristopher Cichocki, a Coachella Valley-based artist, used over 25,000 feet of PVC tubes to produce this five-story-tall Circular Dimension called Microscape. Demonstrating a visual exhibition of the artist’s contemporary research of water and desert history, this sculpture was vigorous with nature-inspired music and imagination.

Three circular tunnels cut through the bandshell-shaped pavilion. It includes a lab where artists and researchers use microscopes to control water, barnacles, salt, and algae from the Salton Sea to form video paintings. They could also calculate the activity within the nucleus of the pavilion in real-time!

La Guardiana by LosDos

Los Dos is the collective name of Texas-based artists Ramon and Christian, who created La Guardiana, a protector of Central American and Mexican immigrants, as well as expatriate people from all over the world.

This sculpture, which floated over the festival grounds, wore an enredo (skirt) and rebozo (shawl) to carry her child, a mask to conceal her identity, and horns to demonstrate strength.

The skirt’s iconography depicted people travelling in trains and boats towards the border wall, a metaphor for the perilous journey to strange lands.

Spectra by Newsubstance

Spectra by Newsubstance - SampSurad Group, an expert in architectural drafting and design

Newsubstance is a UK-based art and design studio with incredible installations called Spectra which won the 2018 Architect Newspaper Awards for Best of Design ‘Lighting – Outdoor.’

It was also an arrival for Don Kennell, a New Mexico-based artist, Robert Bose, the designer of the quarter-mile-long kinetic Balloon Chain, and Raices Cultura, a legendary Coachella-based artistic group.

With “Warrior One,” a cooperative experience inspired by eco-friendly sustainability and human connection, Do LaB, an LA-based creative team, redefined the stage this year.

Keeping an eye on the latest trends like rendering, textures & colours is always the objective as an industry specialist. If you need architectural rendering & drafting services in the US, Samp Surad will deliver a futuristic vision for you.



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