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Engineers are the true architects of our modern world - SampSurad Group

Engineering plays a crucial role in the world we live in today. Without engineers, modern society would not be possible. Designers construct structures from bridges to skyscrapers that influence our lives. They are the true architects of our modern world. How? In this blog post, we will explain to you what is modern engineering and the future of modern engineers.

What is Modern Engineering?

Modern Engineering is the practice of applying scientific principles to solve complex problems. The field has evolved over time. It now encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, materials science, computer science, software, manufacturing, industrial design, architecture, etc.

Engineers are the true masters of their craft. They design buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, highways, airports, dams, power plants, & even space stations. In addition to designing structures, engineers also create software and systems that run these projects. They write code, develop algorithms, and create programs that automate tasks.

They may now use technology to address issues that have beset humankind for a long time. It shouldn’t be surprising that modern engineers and architects play a central role in the construction of our world.

Engineers turned ideas into a reality by applying the principles of mathematics & science. They develop cost-effective solutions to the world’s biggest technical issues. Modern engineers have been instrumental in raising the standard of living for people all over the world through their technical innovations.

How Engineering has evolved over the Years?

The engineer’s role in society has evolved significantly through the advancement in tools and technology over time. For instance, in the past, engineers relied on drafting tools and their own drawing skills. “On their drafting tables, they would keep T-squares, triangles, compasses, pencils, and pens.”

Everything would be rendered by hand rather than by machines. Today, Manual drafting has become obsolete. Modern CAD software & computer has made it easy for engineers to plan and design their projects in a much more intuitive way.

CAD is a game-changer for architects and engineers. Moreover, the roles & responsibilities of both are not clear cut. They are primarily concerned with the safety of the construction. While architects are mostly concerned about how the building would look.

For instance, it took until around 90 years ago for skyscrapers to be built. The tallest buildings could only reach roughly 10 stories in height before. It was because the key material used in building structures was wood. Steel beams are significantly stronger than wood. It has been developed by engineers and can be used to build bridges & high-rise buildings.

As the architect develops the blueprint, the engineer reviews the architect’s design and determines what materials must be utilized. They work on various systems within a modern building such as plumbing, elevators, lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

They make sure that the design is secure and functional while satisfying the client’s requirements.

How Engineers Will Shape the Modern World?

How Architectural Engineers will impact the modern world

Engineers are the architects of our modern world, facilitating advancements and progress with their innovative ideas. Engineers and architects together have crafted life in every respect from simple objects like chairs, to intricate systems and structures, the modern buildings we live in.

They are true leaders who make a difference every day in their communities. Let’s acknowledge their contribution on Engineer’s Day on 15th September by knowing about the importance of modern engineers in our society.

  • Continuing advances in engineering are poised to design modern buildings and infrastructures.
  • They engage in research and development to find ways of preventing natural disasters or creating new transportation methods.
  • Engineers are known to be problem solvers and have always sought to create better technologies to benefit mankind.

Architectural Engineers have been crucial contributors to society for centuries. They are the true innovators and trailblazers behind all innovations in various fields through CAD technologies. In case, being a civil engineer you want to build incredible skyscrapers within a short lead time.

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